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1) What do you call more than one moose?
a) mooses
b) moose
c) manymoose
d) mouse


3) What are the names of moose genders?
a) bull and female
b) ram and female
c) bull and cow
d) him and her


5) How much does a bull moose weigh?
a) a) up to 500 pounds
b) up to 1,000 pounds
c) up to 1,800 pounds
d) over a ton (2,000 pounds)


7) What is the name used for moose "food?"

a) grain
b) browse
c) nuggets
d) gruel


9) The moose mating period is known as what?
a) the fall
b) the spring
c) the ring
d) the rut
2) Where do moose not search for food?
a) in ponds
b) in streams
c) in woodlands
d) in deserts


4) How many calves are usually born at the same time to a cow?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four


6) What are moose called in Europe?

a) moose
b) elk
c) deer
d) Euromoose


8) The word "moose" is derived from the North American Algonquian Indian word meaning:
a) big deer
b) fast swimmer
c) twig eater
d) pond dweller


10) The loose-hanging part of a moose's chin is called:
a) a bell
b) a cowlick
c) a goatee
d) a bill

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